Wednesday, June 30, 2004

"Glam" Sarah

Sarah, Currently

This photo is courtesy of the gracious Susannah Bushman, who submitted to my sheepish request for the delivery of this picture. Previously, the only picture of me on the web was attached to my 9th/10th grade science project, completed as part of my work in the Geology course through Stonybrook University. (The link, I think, is no longer active.) I've tried not to be embarrassed that people might stumble upon it while googling me. Eight years, bangs, LASIK, earrings, and product later, and I'm up-to-date. I'm glad to look different at 23 than I did at 15.

I had a great aunt (or a great-great-aunt?) who, apparently, hated having pictures taken of her. She went through her photo collection and cut out all of the pictures of herself, or so the proverbial story goes. What this meant, besides a funny family story, was that after her death, there were almost no pictures of her around. No pictures to remind the family of what she looked like. I determined early on that I didn't want to be that. I don't want to be the girl who says, "No, don't take my picture. I look terrrible!" (No one likes that girl.)

But I have to confess, even as an intelligent woman, it sometimes takes a lot of self-control.

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