Monday, November 12, 2007

My Own Qwantz

Explanatory note: Marissa C. and I were chatting this morning about the dinosaur cartoons ( I am totally digging in this subtle, daily sort of way--when she abruptly switched topics and said almost every word of the following. I thought: Good goo, that would be funny coming out of the mouths of dinosaurs. And so, la, my own qwantz.

For Marissa, wherever this may find her.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Back to the Basics

It's late, but I feel like I should say a thing. And this, tonight, is what I want to say:

back to the basics.

My roommate KT said it this week--that she was going back to the basics (the basics, of course, being sleeping and scripture reading).

Sleeping and scripture reading. Great ideas, both. They are--or should be--like the big rocks of Covey fame, the things we put into our vases first, before we pour in the little rocks that top off the Japanese-style, zen-ish sort of centerpiece Covey suggests is a metaphor for our lives. As my perpetually great-and-busy friend Jane says, the purpose of life is to be happy, close to the Spirit, and of service to others. And when she doesn't sleep (I would add--or read scriptures) or sleep enough, she is none of those things. Also, she said tonight, sleep just feels good.

I, of course, of course, concur. And with that, I'm to bed.

P.S. Peter-of-my-heart, I talked to Mom today, and she was wondering if I had any advice for you at this moment in your just-as-we-expected crazy freshman year. If I were to say anything it would be, of course, that I love you. And that Jane and Karren and I agree--back to the basics. It's the way to go.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Two Great Things

1. A comic strip
The tagline for this comic strip series is "sexy exciting dinosaur comics for the thinking man or lady." (The boys who sit in front of me in Administrative Law read it everyday. And, reading it over their shoulders, I laugh.)

2. A cheese
On the night of the season premiere of The Office, I found myself at the tail end of a Law Students for Reproductive Choices and Rights (or something) meeting. (I was hosting an event in the same room, just following their event.) In the end, they had more cheese than attendees, so they sent me home with some leftovers. I shared some of the cheese they gave me with a friend--Laura Russon--and she was so delighted by the taste of one (really, really a great cheese) that she sleuthed out the name of it. She found it, of course, at the Milk Pail. And so, now, I recommend it to you:

White Stilton with Apricot

SO, so good.