Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Olson Family Exposed

Okay, I took another quiz. Ridiculous, ridiculous, but true. This girl, this lady who makes them and this site, I think she's a genius. (For lots of reasons, not the least of them being that the buttons you press to continue from page to page of each quiz say things appropriate to the topic. For instance, this one about a family: "You're grounded! Just Kidding. Proceed." All of that on one long blue tab button thingthing. Okay--that didn't really make any sense, so you might just have to go see it for yourself.)

This quiz is about the family, what our deal is, and what we're like. Below is the Olson family evaluation. (Let's just say--I love us. And it really helped that we don't ingest or inhale anything in the way of chemicals.*)

20 Questions to having a Better Family

Your score as a human being is 84.

This makes you like The Seavers.

This is actually the ideal score range. Right now I'm telling some 90+ user what a bunch of stifled self-denying WASPs his family is. Haw. But yours is actually the kind of family functional enough to take in a preteen runaway and send their anorexic daughter to hospice and still keep the kitchen clean.

We got the world spinnin' right in our hands, baby, rain or shine. All the time. We got each other, sharing the laughter and love.

Yeah, I bet you think you're so great.

*Except Flavor-ade.

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Rachel Elizabeth said...

Hi Sarah! This is Rachel (your sister) and I am here to comment on your "blog". I think you are right about online quizes like that. There is this quiz on about your personality and my "personality" changed three times! This is more like a letter/comment because I'm not sure what a comment is supposed to be like. Have you ever taken the Dolphin Stress Test? It really works. There is a picture of two dolphins and if you think you see differences between them, you are very stressful and need a vacation. I really liked it and enjoy all (well, almost all) quizes and test that are online. I can't wait to see you, keep writing, check my blog (and Jake's), and have a great day!

With love,
Your Sister