Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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R.A.C. (or Brother) (born
1981, Oakland, California) is/was a child prodigy and is soon-to-be newly graduated (with an MA, making his ma proud) from what is sometimes known as the Country Club School of Performing Arts .

R.A.C.'s family is in the United States, having not needed to flee the Soviet occupation of Hungary. R.A.C. wishes he, too, could visit the National Air and Space Museum during his lunchbreak, though he is glad that, at present, he doesn't have a job requiring him to take a lunch break. He can, he notes, eat lunch whenever he wants, which is often or, even sometimes, all the time. If he were to visit Sarah in DC, he would likely fly into Washington Dulles International Airport, where sometimes they house large aircraft. Also, Dulles has a new annex named the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, named after who may or may not have been R.A.C.'s former home teachee's father.

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Laura said...

I have a comment, and it is this. Sarah is irrefutably, completely, and autonomously marvelous. I had hitherto not heard of the lesser known Country Club School of Performing Arts, but now will make effort to use it in a conversation with R.A.C. upon accidentally seeing R.A.C. again. Which may happen intentionally, on the sly.

Joseph said...

So, I happen to be more than personally acquainted with the said Sarah Olson and I am feeling left out at best, dumb, at worst, at having no idea who R.A.C. is. Inside jokes hurt people's feelings sometimes. OK, enough emotional manipulation. Who is R.A.C?

crysprincess said...

This is Crystal Cold from school... one of your old students, but I was just seeing how you were doing. I suppose I could just find out from your previous blogs...but it's better in "person" (well, internet is the only option we have anyway)but yes. Hello. I hope you are doing well.

crysprincess said...
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