Monday, January 08, 2007

Another Meal Commemoration

It's the day before classes start up again, so I've been (as I told Jackie B.) trying to be productive while simultaneously taking it easy. This lifestyle.

As part of that, I ate a great lunch, which as a nod to my youth spent reading Farmer Boy while lying hungrily in my bed, I will now record.

Hot pieces of peppered pastrami, with thin-sliced sourdough bread, and spicy, grainy mustard. Steamed caulifower, no salt, no butter. Pieces of cheese from last night's cheese-eating: provolone, black diamond white cheddar, french gruyere, sharp cheddar. Halved cherries in plain yogurt, the brand Karren says is the strong kind. Water (again, poured from a glass pitcher). And a small dessert of leftover pear gingerbread pudding and cold milk.

I'm feeling like I should open a restaurant. That's a seriously good meal. (But oddly old man-ish, I think. Are my tastebuds getting more masculine as I age?)

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Rachel Elizabeth said...

My Sarah-ayha,

We took down the tree! It's really sad seeing that empty space next to the fireplace, but not as bad as watching my poor friend turn brittle and bitter. Next time we're going to have to name it.

You know, I've always wanted to open a resturant... it would probably be "Potstickers Come, Potstickers Go." Maybe something more original.

For my birthday, if it's possible, could you "drop" the Bigwoods a line about how I'd very much appreciate it if they showed up at my bedroom door on Thursday morning and stayed for a couple of months.

I love you, Sariah!
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