Saturday, November 03, 2007

Two Great Things

1. A comic strip
The tagline for this comic strip series is "sexy exciting dinosaur comics for the thinking man or lady." (The boys who sit in front of me in Administrative Law read it everyday. And, reading it over their shoulders, I laugh.)

2. A cheese
On the night of the season premiere of The Office, I found myself at the tail end of a Law Students for Reproductive Choices and Rights (or something) meeting. (I was hosting an event in the same room, just following their event.) In the end, they had more cheese than attendees, so they sent me home with some leftovers. I shared some of the cheese they gave me with a friend--Laura Russon--and she was so delighted by the taste of one (really, really a great cheese) that she sleuthed out the name of it. She found it, of course, at the Milk Pail. And so, now, I recommend it to you:

White Stilton with Apricot

SO, so good.


Laura said...

It's true. This cheese is like no other cheese. It is supremely delightful! (This is not to say no other cheese is supremely delightful, but that no other cheese is supremely delightful in the same way.) I may name my first child after it. Apricot if it's a girl, and Stilton if a boy. Hurrah!

Limon said...

What do you call words that are spelled differently but sound the same and have opposite meanings? Like recede and reseed? or raise and raze?

Sarah Louise said...

Limon, I'm going to go with homophonic autantonym. What's the prefix that is the opposite of homo? Oh! Hetero. (Man, that should have come more easily.) So maybe heterographic homophonic autantonym? (And how is reseed the opposite of recede? For some reason, pitting them opposite each other makes me think of hair growth and hair follicles. It's got to be the recede part of that, I suppose. But that just makes "reseed" sound creepy.)