Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Personal Progress

Progress is
  • billing five hours of direct client services in one day (which, Monday and Tuesday, I tried--and failed--to do; next week, I'm shooting for six)
  • running before work and swimming after dinner, on the same day
  • getting my iPod to recharge
  • socializing mid-week with ward members
  • buying kale
  • making my bed with my own sheets (finally found amidst my many packing boxes), my new TJ Maxx faux-down comforter, and my just-delivered-from-Amazon silk and gold duvet cover
  • returning Baby Mama on time
  • and going to bed (let's hope, let's hope) before midnight.
That's change I can believe in.

Personal progress. What's it to you?


amy said...

dude. i think we may have the same brain.

i find that, no matter how much i wish i had the zen chromosome, i am very outcome-oriented when it comes to valuing my own progress. the more insane my to-do list, the more i want to bear down into it with all my might, and the more i get done in the to-done sense. unless i get overwhelmed, flop, and hate myself. but we don't talk about that in the comments of friends blogs, do we?

even though i know there are other ways to measure progress, more general, esoteric ways, i have a hard time acknowledging them. so, on any given day if i have not accomplished an insane list of short-term goals it is hard for me to see the progress i may have made toward my long term goals.

one day i will start keeping a journal again, except this time i will write meaningful things in it. then i will go back from time to time and read where i was two or three or four years prior. if i am further along in a large-goal way, i will try to give myself credit. or, alternatively, if i miss a day of writing in my journal it will give me something to beat myself up about. :)

Matt and Marisa said...

Sarah!!!! I am so happy to find you! I just started a blog and was looking through Abbie's blog to make sure I got everyone and I saw your blog. I tried to email you recently, but I guess I have the wrong email. Anyway, I would love to hear updates on all you've been doing - I guess of course I can read your blog :) Like I said I just started a blog, but Matt and I made it private, because I don't like the idea of just anyone looking at it (although I'm starting to not really care so much anymore, so maybe it will change) but I'd love to send you an invite. My email is
One more very important thing - you are so amazing!!! I just loved all the incredible times we had together and the amazing conversations!!! You truly are one in a million!
Marisa (Parkinson)

Anika said...

Progress is

-making 15 pints of crabapple jam yesterday,
-mopping my kitchen floor (which I am postponing doing while writing on your blog),
-not wanting to nap after seminary, packing Isaac's backpack before breakfast (there's still hope for today),
-actually wanting to fit jogging into my new day schedule somewhere (I have yet to do so),
-waiting one more day to make brownies.

Becky said...

Sarah - Thank Heavens I am your cousin! and you are eternally tied to me- What I did to be born in the same family as you I don't know, but at least I did one thing right.

I didn't know you had a BLOG- somehow this fills some hole in my life I didn't know existed. Dito to everything Amy said - I don't know who she is but she must be cool because she has your same brain.

Progress for me is not blowing my top when trying to find black church shoes for the umpteenth time right before church - we were a half hour late but I didn't yell at my kids! - it is a good sunday.

By the way -coming to DC in Nov - must see you!

ambrosia ananas said...

Right now, to me: Giving up the immediate gratification of praise and feeling needed to instead pursue a long-held dream.

I like the word kale. Does it taste as good as it sounds?