Friday, November 07, 2008

A Week Late But Oh So Great

I don't take nearly enough pictures. This is all I have of the Halloween night that highlighted last weekend's adventures in which I had three sets of guests in town simultaneously: Becky R. and a BYU MPA contingent, Reija and Jeff from the Rochester parts, and a few key appearances by Mikey J., my former compatriot in SLS/LDS '08 crime (he was the only other single LDS kid in my class). They all came to Virginia and hung out with me and, on Halloween night, they made my vision come true: there we were, at 11 pm, roasting marshmallows Reija and I had decorated with colored sugar* over a fire Rebecca built in the fire pit we have stashed in our backyard, listening to Mike tell his stories and entertain us all. And then we played hide-and-go-seek in my house (with the lights off). I lost.

The long and short of it is: I'm almost 28 ("practically 30," as Michelle was wont to say), and I just had the best Halloween of my life.

It was a long time coming.

(Thanks, team. Would you consider: Halloween '09?)

*In the picture, Reija's holding the marshmallow version I made of her--red hair, blue eyes, purple shirt, surprised smile, and all.


The Bader Family said...

Sarah --- great post -- I'm 52 and I just had the best Halloween of my life too!

kt said...

my main take-away from this post:

you and Reija are so, so beautiful.

But I'm also delighted you had such a great halloween, I hope there will be many happy returns!

love, love

geeone said...

HEy Sarah!!!
It's me the BYU MPA contingent! (Ruth Gálvez) I feel so honored you included me in your blog!! So it looks like you guys had so much fun Halloween night! Maybe I shoulda stayed home... ha ha! Anyway thanks again for everything! BTW I told my sis and she was like "OH I love Sarah!" Well I do too!!