Friday, January 16, 2009

When one is cold (or in need of comfort)

one needs a hoodie.

This truism leads me to two thoughts:

1. The Hoodie Foundation. Maybe I should start a non-profit the sole mission of which would be to distribute hoodies to (1) the underclothed (e.g. the homeless, the scantily clad, the poor), and (2) the undercomforted (e.g. orphans, cancer victims, earthquake survivors). Think of the cross-cultural, multi-demographic populations this would serve. Maybe we could partner with this new college intern in my ward who, after she's done daylighting as a grunt in Sen. Hatch's office, goes to her newly rented office space on K Street, where she oversees her three East Coast employees (she may or may not have an office in California) (and Utah), as they work on establishing a non-profit factory in Rwanda that will commercially extract fibers from banana plant refuse, which they will then sell to another factory in Rwanda that makes, of all things, fabric from the fibers. Apparently, very soft, very durable fabric. (Sometimes they even mix the banana fibers with silk for high end apparel.) I know. I know! I know. The banana fiber craziness (and her awesomeness) totally aside, consider--super soft hoodies (made from banana plant refuse) for all. The Hoodie Foundation. Making Millions of Heads Happy.

2. Hoodie Suits. I have, on occasion, ridden the elevator from the first floor to the thirteenth, thinking the whole time: I wish my suit were pinstriped. And I wish it had a hoodie.


amy said...

I have another friend, a dear old friend, who loves hoodies as much as I now know you do. I should introduce you. She is hilarious. And really cozy.

Autumn and Barrett said...

Thank you for getting the word out about the underservedness of the attorney and the scantily clad. I like to read the things you write.

Kate said...

I have to agree that hoodies may be the way to solve a lot of the world's problems.

You could silkscreen all kinds of positive messages on them.

It's all good in the hood.

Kate said...

ps I think the worst thing about being a lawyer is going to be wearing boring suits. They are so bah humbug.

Monica Merced Rich said...

I was just lamenting a few months ago that I am the only member of my family that does not own a hoodie. Adam and all the kiddies are wrapped in cotton-y comfort and I sit and freeze. Such a sad state.