Monday, March 10, 2008

I found one!

One of my classmates mentioned a game (I forget the name) in which the goal is to try to find a search phrase that elicits only one Google result. I played for my first time tonight, and this was my first winner:

krista "hero's cape"

*This is the second result on a Google image search for "krista hero's cape" (no internal quotation marks). There were no results for "krista 'hero's cape.'" (I wonder if there will be now. Hm.)*

You? Submit winning entries in the comments below.

(Also: This entry reminds me of one of my favorite words--"winningest." Winningest. As in, the coach with the winningest season is Coach Taylor. The first time I heard it was on some sports show, and I felt like while all of us English types were off arguing about the that/which distinction, the sports aficionados had been playing our game and making some competitive headway. Winningest. And the athletes say we use half-dollar words. So great!)

P.S. Don't neglect the post I posted yesterday re the scriptures. (I'm afraid that posting today will make it seem like the one I posted yesterday is somehow no longer important to me, is outmoded. Just one example of blogger fright.) I'm hoping for some comments, any comments that might move the ball forward. The Book of Mormon is true, yeah? And truth is one eternal whole? Let's do some exegesis, folks. A little textual interpretation. Make both judges and scriptorians proud.


Limon said...

wacky world "french peanut"

Autumn and Barrett said...

"the best word ever" strategic meltdown. and barrett found one too but it isn't appropriate. it's something his brother said when he was 10.

Jacki said...

sarah's "special breakfast nook"

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Dearest Sarah!

Chubernating, one of my old favorite words. Nothing came up.

I love you,
rachel elizabeth

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Well... maybe that doesn't count. It isn't, strictly speaking, a real word. But it'll get there someday.

Sarah Louise said...

You guys are champs. "Sarah's 'special breakfast nook'" gets extra credit points for making me feel nostalgic (and for having the added feature of being, you know, sensical). Also, Barrett's brother gets points for being ahead of his time (if in appropriate).

Weirdly, Limon, "'wacky world' french peanut" comes up with 1,740 hits. Explicable? At all?

Reed said...

"Reed Criddle" lies

Melissa said...

fancy schmancy Bram Stoker nightdress

Yes, it's a long one, but I wanted to try for an entry that doesn't use quotation marks. That was an interesting exercise.