Thursday, February 05, 2009

Discussion Topic: The Mini-Crush

1. First you have a mini-crush*.

2. Then what do you do?


*I would define a mini-crush as a crush about which you are excited but for which your heart is not actually on the line. I'll also accept discussion re the definition of mini-crush.


heather said...

flirt, flirt, and more flirt. and wear those cute shoes that make your calves look sexy.

Petra said...

I say ignore, ignore, ignore, (as well as blog-stalk, blog-stalk, blog-stalk) but, um, I may be dysfunctional in this regard.

sassparilla said...

okay, on the topic of categorizing crushes, i once did this with a roommate of mine, and we came up with the romantical likeation quadrant, or something like that. here were some of our categories:

1. celebrity crush (that boy on campus you see all the time, and totally love, who you have never spoken to, yet you somehow know everything about)

2. precious crush (that cute boy you are really good friends with who you think is adorable, but more in a pinch-your-cheeks kind of way).

3. friend crush (the friend you probably like but would never admit it because that would just mess everything up)

4. i forget the fourth category... probably something like the guy you have a crush on but you wish you didn't.

discuss THAT.

Mauri said...

Hi Sarah! Long time no see. As for the topic at hand, I agree with Heather. What does a little flirting or a few dates hurt? You never know until you try . . . That's the sage advice from someone who's not married. :)

Sarah Louise said...

Good comments all, but Petra's seems to be the most appropriate in this day and age. Consider: What do you do if you do not live in the same state as this person? (Also, Heather, remember how 6 boys or something took you to your first dance at BYU--at the same time? Yeah. Does your advice still work for other people? Some of us have trouble just standing in those cute shoes.)

Sassparilla--the precious crush. ! The friend crush? These are useful, useful categories. I am glad I am not the only one who secretly sort of wants to date the men I hang out with. (I know pretty cool people, it turns out.)