Friday, February 20, 2009

Dozy Daisy and Zilly Notwithstanding*

You know how word verification words tend to be fake words that have real-word-like characteristics? Spotus. Linita. Flackel. Like aliens posing as humans. So close, but not quite right. Creepy.

I wanted to comment on a blog the other day, and this came up as my verification word:


I looked closer. Was I mis-seeing things? I mean, my eyes have been getting worse. (It was five years ago that I got my eyes lasered.) But maybe the screen resolution? the colors? my perpetual tiredness? I tried other options: clouns. dovns. clowms. Nope.


Apparently, clowns are creepy enough.

* My roommate Jeanette recently met two professional clowns at the LDS temple in London. Or rather, she met two people who were at the LDS temple who were also professional clowns. They're married. He's Zilly, and she's Dozy Daisy. And they were super nice to Jeanette. Which is not a silly thing! So, they're excepted.


kt said...

After all of this second-guessing, I thought you meant they're accepted.

But excepted works, too.

Melissa said...

I'm always reading something into the word verification--feels sort of like a Rorschach test.

But I don't have to try very hard with the word below.


I'm thinking names of famous artists work just fine.

Monica Merced Rich said...

I hate clowns. Even the nice ones.

heather said...

I keep a list of all the ones I like. I eventually intend to have a balderdash-like competition with them on my blog. I feel a little like my bubble has burst with you posting about them first, but I prayed to not get upset by little things today, so I'm now again feeling excited about my future post because of the word verification below: excessi.

Lisa Lou said...

have you ever clicked on the handicapped sign next to the fill- in-the-box area? Now that is some freakiness.

Wendle said...

LOL. LOL. This is awesome.

I think that although the BYU stand up comedy did not work out, that you are on your way to being Seinfeld-taking a real life scenario and pointing out the obvious strangeness that everyone encounters but never broaches.

Do you know that some people refuse to comment because of the extra effort it takes to type in a strange word? It's true.

Can I also point out that word verification on this particular screen is:


I think Scooby Doo is taking over blogger.

Queen Bee said...

Sarah! I came over from Grover's blog. Yes, I do know you! I totally remember you, mostly laughing with you. But now I can't quite place exactly where and I feel really dumb. BYU, Honor something? Is that right!? Anyway, it's good to 'see' you again! Are you on Facebook?