Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fall Centerpiece Brainstorming

I'm not big on centerpieces--I think tableware and food done right are so beautiful that they are all the decoration a table needs--but weddings present specific design difficulties often enhanced by something going on.  So, for a dear friend (the lovely Rebecca R), I'm investigating possible (a) lovely, (b) possibly functional/tasty, (c) simple, and (d) cost-efficient Autumnal centerpieces for her October wedding luncheon in Portland.  Below is mostly just for me and her as I/we brainstorm, but if you are reading this and you want to chime in with a link or idea, feel free.
Note: I don't love all of these, but I love some, and I think the rest are inspirational in some way or another.

Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces
To learn how to make the cool effect on left, click here.

fall centerpiece ideas
Instructions here.
CEnterpiece for an autumn wedding made from wheat and mason jars

the big apple cp


apple centerpiece, fresh fruit centerpiece, apple theme wedding
Not a huge fan of the mirror or the candle, but I like this as a reminder that even super simple is possible.
I think this is especially beautiful.

apple centerpiece and candle centerpiece idea
I don't love candles, but this is cool as far as candles go.

Maybe with real apples instead of candlapples.

Super easy instructions are here.  (Note: I plan to make these sometime.  I think they are rockstar, even without the banner.)

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