Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Pantry

Melville has a pantry.

It's a cute pantry. A little three-foot-by-three-foot sort of job, in the corner between the fridge and the stove. Since Christmas, it has held not only our food stuffs--scattered on shelves and floor--but also a small Reija-made painting of a ship and a great white whale. In honor of Mr. Melville and the name he contributed to our street and, derivatively, to our house.

The success of the pantry is its slimness, its size of two-peopleness, its folding blue door that allows someone(s) to enclose themselves in the pantry. Shut off from the kitchen. Alone for a moment. With the cake mixes and the sugar and the syrup--and with each other. The makings of many sweet things.

The pantry. Place where Melvillain dreams have come true.

I have one week left (before I move) for it to happen for me. I'm ready, and I believe.


Monica Merced Rich said...

You look so much like your mother. It's really incredible.

Sarah Louise said...

My mom, I have long thought, is stunningly beautiful.

So I'm electing to convert your observation into a compliment. :)

heather said...

As always, I'm rooting for your dreams, Sarah. I read your blog often, and though I don't usually comment, I just wanted you to know that I still have that major woman-to-woman crush on you and your ability to live so fully.

Laura said...

I remember the day I was in the pantry. Or should I say evening...hehehe

kt said...

I am grateful that dreams come true. for me. for you.