Monday, August 04, 2008

We're in Ohio.

At the Delux Inn.

Doesn't it look delux?

(I didn't misspell that. The picture I found online says it's the Fremont Motel, but it must be under new management because the sign outside definitely says DELUX INN. Yes, it is kind of creepy.)

To update: Second day of the bar went fine. The family picked me up. We got squished by a semi (some noticeable but only cosmetic damage) and kept driving, all the way to Utah, where we family reunioned at the family homestead (that will be a post of its own, if ever I get the pictures from my mom's camera--turns out, I come from people who Lived By The Land), and where, on Sunday, I was picked up by Reija and whisked away. East again, back on I-80, through Wyoming and Dix, Nebraska, and Lincoln, Des Moines, Chicago, South Bend, Toledo, to here, Fremont. Home of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center. And the Delux Inn.

Tomorrow, Rochester. And a new life for Reija. And maybe more than one night in the same bed for me.

Here's to intransience.


Tyler said...

sorry I'm in the middle of the state, I would love to have seen you...

some day in the future I'm sure we'll meet again!

tpmotd said...

My house is within ten minutes of I-80/I-90. You could stop by and take a picture! Or you could just sort of nod your head northward around mile marker 136. That would make me feel good, too.

Sarah Louise said...

Tyler! You're in Ohio?

Samantha said...

I am so so happy for you. Not about the Delux Inn, but that you finished taking the bar. I hope you ate some sort of delicious candy bar afterwards. After the bar, I might've sprung for some peanut butter m&m's.