Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday: A Day to Lift, A Day to Level

Today, I made this beauty:

It was, of course, originally full of heart-shaped watermelon chunks and blueberries, until it met seven girls I know.

Let's see that again. (Here, modeled by the lovely Sara S., one of the seven girls I know.)

And also today, I made this mess--gratuitously:

I'd made a normal sort of mess prepping my dinner (a bowtie pasta salad with salmon and edamame in a dill-ginger-mayonnaise glaze), but during dinner we decided that I would maybe take KT's bookshelf with me on the move, which meant a quick unloading of said bookshelf in preparation for the packers and movers coming early, early tomorrow. But the kitchen was messy, and MH was in it (but on the phone), and I didn't want her to think--Oh, those roommates, always leaving messes they may or may not remember to clean up--which, of course, she could rightfully think--so I was faced with a choice: clean up the mess, so it will be taken care of, OR find some way to let her know that the mess was on my mind and that I would, in fact, return.

I chose the latter. Go big or go home. So I scattered the edamame pods all over the counter, and I took the lid off the PAM spray and the lid off the ginger container, and then I turned to the pasta.

It was while I was sprinkling the remaining dry farfalle on the counter by the sink that Michelle turned from her phone conversation and said: "Sarah, WHAT are you doing?" And I threw the empty pasta bag on the ground and ran.

As Michelle says and said again today: "Sarah, you're on one."

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