Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The First Birthday Cake of the Week (!!!)

This was on the table when I came home last night. It was angled so it was facing the doorway, and me, as I walked in.

You should know these things:

1. The card says "Hoppy Birthday, Sarah!"
2. It's my birthday on Saturday.
3. That is a little trail of chocolate chips behind the bunny. Turns out yes, my roommate's mind works that way. (I ate them anyway.)
4. We ate that bad boy last night. (As Erika said, "It's good that Jeanette made this on a Tuesday. Then we can celebrate again on Saturday!" Very, very true.)
5. It was a red velvet cake, so when we cut into it--it bled. ! (In the great tradition of the Texas/Steel Magnolias armadillo groom's cakes.)

IT WAS SO AWESOME I couldn't handle it. Really, by far one of the best moments of my day. My week. My 28-year life.

To the birthday week that's just begun!

(And to Jeanette, a rockstar and a patriot.)


Just us! said...

That cake looks so yummy. Happy Early Birthday!!! Enjoy your Bifday week!

Abbie said...

Happy Birthday! Birthday weeks truly are the best!

MommaMcCarthy said...

sounds like you may actually have found more roommates that deserve you :)

happy happy birthday!! (and enjoy being a cube while you still can!)

Jacki said...

Happy Birthday month! Do you ever feel like New Year's eve is just the the final celebration of your birthday month? I would.

Satria Sudeki said...

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Glenn and Natalie said...

Hey Sarah! I have been thinking about you lately and decided to google you--so happy to see your pretty face again!
Happy birthday! The cake is really cute...and since my girls love all bathroom humor I am thinking an animal cake (chocolate chips especially) will be hopping its way into our kitchen soon!
Natalie LaFleur Edwards

emily said...

Happy Birthday! And thanks so much for the invite to your blog. I hope youre loving your newest adventure in life and im excited to be able to read up on the exciting life of sarah olsen! you can find me at

emily (stacey's fried) price

Ashlee and Bill said...

Sarah, I have an outdated email for you and I need your new address so we can send you our chrismtas card this year. Could you email it to me? amprisbrey at aol dot com