Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sometimes My Room Gets So Cold, I Have to Wear These

I cut off the tips myself, newsie style.

Sometimes, a girl's got to type when all the world is cold.

* All the world = her basement bedroom.


Bridget said...

Hello, my friend. It's a relief not to be a blogstalker anymore, since you outed yourself first on my blog. I'm glad to get back in touch with one of my most memorable roommates. Did Anna ever tell you how it was revealed that we both knew you? As I remember it, one or the other of us said something along the lines of, "hey, you know someone who you would like?" And before whichever of us it was could finish her sentence, the other one said, "Sarah O****."

Sorry about the cold. Here in Tucson, I almost had to wear a jacket today.

Kandie & Keith said...

I have a pair of gloves just like yours. Often it gets so cold in our apartment here in Japan that I wear fingerless gloves, a hat and a scarf while I work at the computer. And two sweaters and slippers with socks and a robe and... Can't give up the computer just because it's cold!
Love, Aunt Kandie

Petra said...

I just warm my hands over my kitchen stove. Come to think of it, that's Newsies style as well.

mariah christine said...

sarah- last week in the Stanford i/ii ward you commented in RS and I thought, 'I could listen to Sarah's voice all day.' forget typing! i just love the sound of your voice. and how you say things. that is all. plus, your hands don't even have to be warm to speak!