Sunday, March 01, 2009

Today in Relief Society

Stephanie: (whispering) Sarah, do you feel like that?

Sarah: Like what?

Stephanie: Like what that girl just said? Like sometimes you're on a roller coaster--and you feel up because you're confident that God loves you and you're doing what's right but then you hit an obstacle and you feel down and everything is hard. Do you feel like that?

Sarah: Um. I don't know. In some ways, but not all ways. Do you feel like that?

Stephanie: No. (pause) But maybe I should. I like roller coasters. You know like when you're going up and then you come down and you're like whoo!


Laura said...

I love this! And you, of course.

Wendle said...

he he he

Stephanie said...

What am I saying? Living on Uhle St. is a virtual rollercoaster. I should count my blessings and hang on for dear life.

Marilyn said...

Oh Sarah, I love your Blog! Maybe even more than I loved your daily e-mailing years ago, if that's possible. I just spent a thoroughly lovely hour reading through old postings, and you're permanently bookmark-toolbarred on my desktop. Hugs!