Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lettuce Eat

Lettuce is my new favorite thing to eat. I crave it all the time. I don't know if it's the roughage, the wateriness, the almost entire lack of calories. Something.

I eat it under eggs. I eat it with grilled onions. I buy a salad and then buy more lettuce to add to my salad.

And I've been dreaming--for a week now, maybe two--about eating pizza on lettuce. (Not lettuce on pizza, as, I was told, is sometimes sold in restaurants like the California Pizza Kitchen.) But pizza on lettuce. A piece of pizza--pepperoni is my favorite these days--cut into bite-sized pieces and put on top of a bed of Romaine. Fresh, watery, piled high, topped with scattered pizza bites.

Oh man. Lettuce. LETTUCE.

I'm dreaming of lettuce tonight.


Elizabeth said...

I'll be honest. This is one of the weirdest things I've ever heard you say.

But this is one of the many reasons I like you so much. Can I come over and eat some of your pizza-topped lettuce? I prefer just cheese. Or with everything. (I don't mess with Mr. In-between. Okay, sometimes I do, but I wanted to say that.)

Anna said...

Last night I had a dream where you and I were won tickets to go watch the O.J. Simpson trial. My dream ended when we were filing into our seats. We were both unbelievably excited.

Thought you should know.

Rebecca Wood said...

Pizza lettuce. Really? Not like, parmesan crumbles, pepperoni pieces, and fresh mozzerella with tomato sauce for dressing? You could do garlic croutons.

But real pizza?

Elizabeth is right Sarah. Weird. But, I too like you anyway.