Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday in Sunbury

I spent Saturday in Sunbury, PA, with the lovely Reija M. Turns out, Sunbury is halfway between Rochester and my house in VA, so we decided to meet there, to hang out in the middle. I rented a car, borrowed my roommate's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency book on tape, and drove the 3ish hours to mid-PA, where Reija waited for me on a swingset in a park built like a fort.

It was awesome.

We ate dinner at the restaurant in the first building in the world to have electricity. (Sunbury, PA, is the first town in the world to have been wired with electricity.) And we saw the Susquehanna (but only once we climbed over the flood wall); a 19th-century fort-like prison that is still in use (despite a lawsuit pending about the inhumane conditions for the prisoners inside); and rows and rows of houses and stores, all charming, sad, and/or cute. Sunsbury is definitely a place with history. Now for Reija and me, too.

Read Reija's account/see more pictures of my awesome Saturday here:

Having friends/Reija rocks. And so does America. And No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. I commend them all to you.


Donna Marie said...

Sounds like a blast. Have to add it to my things to see in PA list. I love Lisette Lecat's naration of the Detective Agency series, adds so much to just reading. Such good-hearted, thoughtful characters. He's a prolific author and has never disappointed me.

Melissa said...

What a charming idea for an outing. Now I have an itch to see Sunbury, PA.

I'm also a Ladies Detective Agency fan.

Limon said...

I looked it up on mapquest and it would take 2 hrs and 51 min to get there from my mom's house. So I probably won't get there this year, but it sounds like a good place for a midpoint meeting.