Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From Paradise, Returned

Appropriately, I finished reading East of Eden, John Steinbeck's pseudo retelling of the Adam & Eve/Cain & Abel story, early, early this morning sometime, as my Delta flight sped 30,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean, carrying me from Hawaii--land o' pineapple soft serve and sand like cornmeal--to northern California, Steinbeck's erstwhile home and the low-hilled setting for this book.

Man, it was appropriate on multiple levels.

And while I'm gearing up for the Great Weekend (in which my parents and seven of my eight siblings come to celebrate with me as I graduate from el school of law) and, consequently, may or may not be around to make satisfyingly updated posts on this blog--even to tell you the details of my fun and lovely trip to Hawaii--I did want to take a moment right now to say this: Steinbeck might be genius.

[I'm searching for this great quote in East of Eden about Americans as being both terribly courageous and terribly fearful simultaneously, among other things. Anyone know which one I'm talking about or where it is?]


Rebecca said...

What a good book. I think I quote the timshel bit every time agency gets brought up. Also, don't you think Cathy (is that her name, it's been awhile) is the most evil charcater ever written? She's up there with Iago.

amy said...

um...i don't mean to embarrass you, sarah, but in spanish it's actually el schoolo. sorry, but i just thought if i were you, i'd want to know.