Monday, April 21, 2008

Sarah's Sacrament Meeting Talk (March 16, 2008)

I gave a sacrament meeting talk on March 16. It was in all kind of a ridiculously wonderful day. The other single LDS 3L also spoke, in sort of a law-student-themed meeting (the third speaker was a non-lawyer woman). The other law student, my friend Mike, had two law student friends who said they'd come to church if he spoke, so he finally asked the bishopric if he could give a talk. They said yes (probably yes!) and invited me too, I think because they thought it would be cute.

We invited our classmates to come. About twelve(!) did. One even drove down from Berkeley (an hour or so drive) and arrived early to the 9 am meeting. It was wonderful--wonderful--to see them sitting in row after row after row, mixed in with my wardmates, grouped in pews on the right side of the chapel. I also had a beloved former (and future?) roommate from DC in town, and for some reason, the chapel was packed. It was a beautiful morning. The topic was the Good Samaritan.

Turns out the Second Ward has taken to recording sacrament meeting talks. Yesterday, I was emailed a copy of mine. The sound is a often fuzzy and a little edgy, but I'm almost entirely comprehensible. I hope you enjoy it. (Note: The talk begins with a reference to the squirrel story, which, awesomely, I posted a few weeks. It's a great story. One worth revisiting.)


Steve said...

I get to hear it after all! Huzzah!

Headle said...

Your talk was beautiful Sarah!! I love the way you described your father's love for you after your car accident. He sounds wonderful!

I also loved how you articulated our Heavenly Father's love for us. It felt so real, so true, and I'll remember your description for a long time to come! :)