Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How did it go today?

The short answer is it went fine. No stories.

But because I am me, and I love stories, I will also give you the long answer, which is, at the moment, in bulleted form.

This is how it went today:
  • Woke up around 4:15 am because I was hot (and because Anika was trying to quiet Ellie, who woke up because she was on the opposite side of the bedroom we're sharing with seven and cold--too close to the AC)
  • Dozed nervously/restlessly until 5 am
  • Showered, had a father's blessing, heard my mother use the word "discombobulating" in her blessing over my breakfast (in a reference to the bar exam--as in, "Please help Sarah to feel at peace during this exam that they engineer to be so discombobulating"), ate cereal with skim milk that may or may not have been sour
  • Caught the 6:32 am train to Penn Station
  • Reviewed Evan's five-years-old condensed outline on the train
  • Was asked by a woman sitting behind me, "Last-minute studying?" I smiled. She said, "I figured if it isn't in me by now, it isn't in me." I smiled again, maybe sheepishly. I went back to studying.
  • Joined a posse of laptop-carrying recent law grads, marching the four blocks from Penn Station to the Javits Center
  • Considered that if this posse was crossed, there's a high probability that we'd either snap, cry, or file timely actions pled with particularity
  • Saw a man in a Columbia Law shirt that (a) I didn't know but (b) I thought looked Mormon
  • Unceremoniously chucked Evan's outline in a garbage can outside the Javits Center
  • Waited in an virtually unmoving herd, like glass-eyed cattle, for over an hour, while Javits Center staff tried to put 3000 neon green wristbands on 3000 people and put them in 3000 individually assigned tables/chairs
  • Wondered if NY really needs a yearly crop of so many new lawyers
  • Overheard Columbia Law shirt man talking to a woman about Deseret News, KSL, and his time working for "the church" (I turned and said, "Are you Mormon?" "Yes," he said, unexcitedly. "I thought you were Mormon from the first time I saw you," I said. He said nothing. "I'm Mormon, too," I added. Turns out he knows Amanda and Dan.)
  • Met my tablemate, Rosaria, a beautiful, dark-haired, smiley-faced woman, who speaks Italian (Italian?) to the people she knows around us. (They also speak Italian. (Italian?))
  • Took part 1 of the NY bar exam
  • Waited in line for the bathroom
  • Paid a ridiculous sum for lunch, which I, of course, spilled on myself
  • Chatted with the lovely Marin T.-B., one of my favorites from some of my favorite BYU days
  • Waited in line for the bathroom
  • Began part 2 of the NY bar exam
  • Wish I knew when an easement by necessity is extinguished and how exactly it does (or does not) run with the land
  • Finished part 2 of the NY bar exam, with less than a minute to spare
  • Did not, as Rosaria pointed out, finish early enough to fall asleep before time was called (as I did, apparently, during the first session; it's my testing treat to myself--if I finish early, I get to fall asleep)
  • Went to, but didn't wait in line for, the bathroom (!)
  • Joined the throng of law students returning half-excitedly, half-dejectedly to Penn Station
  • Took the 5:48 to Rosedale
  • Was whisked away by Anika and Joseph to pick up Peter, newly arriving at JFK from his glamorous summer internting at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Our Nation's Capital
  • Joined the 4,000 people who seem to have congregated at our home (Mom, Dad, Anika, Joseph, Jacob, Peter, Rachel, Rebekah, Elin, Isaac, Andrew, Mr. Lipsky, and a host of Jacob/Rebekah's Dungeons & Dragons friends)
  • Happily received Joseph and Anika's gifts of various kinds of "bars"--snack bars, a Cliff bar, a bar of soap, and two beautiful but unfortunately soap-tasting chocolate-covered pretzel bars
  • Packed for Utah, which was daunting because I hate the possibility of leaving behind important stuff
  • Watched some Colbert
  • Laughed at some Colbert
  • Packed for Utah, which turned out to go quickly because I was particularly good at adhering to my at-home-with-the-family rule of personal property (i.e. keep everything in one pile, in one corner, out of everyone's way; do not, under any circumstances, mix goods or leave them unattended or in plain view)
  • Answered a knock on our front door at 10:30 pm, welcoming in a local boy scout and his father, come to certify a genealogy merit badge with my father at the only time their various schedules aligned
  • Updated my blog
  • Checked others' blogs
  • Read el scriptures
  • 11:30 (I'm hoping): Went to sleep in the bed I renegotiated from Ellie. She and Snika took my bed, and I took theirs. Across the room. Near the AC.
And that--that is what I did today.

Tomorrow? Bar exam, parts 3 & 4 (the multi-state) and then, whisk zip, the family picks me up at the Javits, hands me my cellphone (which I can't bring with me to the testing center, which makes me feel free and sad), and zip whisk, we're off to Utah. Among other places.

This life?

You said it.


Elizabeth said...

Congrats on completing the first day. Good luck with the rest tomorrow! How long are you going to be in Utah?

EAJustis said...


You are fabulous and amazing. Good luck tomorrow. Probably you won't read this before you start, but I believe in that genius noggin of yours. Only wish you were taking the California Bar instead. Happy travels.


P.S. Probably you didn't know that I read you're highly entertaining blog now and then. Can't remember who told me about it, but it makes me smile. You're the best.

Petra said...

I hope somewhere in that bullet point, someday, will be "get some sleep."

And good luck on Parts 3&4 tomorrow!

Rebecca said...

This, this should be the opening post of yours on our upcoming blog. Hurry up and finish that exam so we can talk. Love you dearly.

Levi Smylie said...

Did you have any pigeons flying around the Javits' Center while you took the exam? or decide not to bring your own time piece because "of course, the NY bar exam people will have clocks posted around the room like they did for the Utah bar exam," and have to politely ask your table mate to position their own time piece so that you could see it, but they were one of those ridiculously fast test-takers and left after whizzing through the test in what seemed like less than 5 minutes? ah, the memories . . . you've taken me back

Jo said...

Sounds like you have been busy. Have you used any of your time preparing your speech? i guess now, you will have all the time in the world to write it.
What speech?
the speech you will have to make when the president of the united states (be who it may)hands you an Oscar for winning 100% on the barr exam. He/she will shake your hand and say: How does it feel to be the first American to surpass Lance armstrong? How does it feel to be #1? How does it feel to have %100 and a gold star with a smiley face and the words "good job!" in red cursive pen scribbled across the front page of your Bar?
So Sarah.
How does it feel?

ps. I think it would be good tact to thank the everyone you've ever loved, and so there are no hurt feelings you should do so in alphabetical order: I would like to thank, Amie Jo... (you are allowed to use my first name, in situations that are behooving to me, such as, alphabetical order situations.)