Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mix Tape?

Or mixed tape?

I'll take comments.


Kate said...

Mix tape.
It's a mix of songs, not a mixed of songs.
Y'know like... party mix, beach mix, make-out mix.

Sarah Louise Olson said...

Kate, you make a good point. I've always thought of it as mixed, though I was becoming comfortable with the idea that we had shortened it, for ease's sake. I figured it was mixed because it described the tape. The tape is of mixed music. Or something.

I realize this thinking is much like the thinking of an eleven-year-old, which is probably when I really thought it out. Oh, how logic stales.

Kate said...

At one point in our illustrious years at BYU Pamy and I made a box-set mixed tape with an amorous theme. Perhaps my hours invested in this project formed my opinion on the matter.
Ah, the good ol' days.

MommaMcCarthy said...

no. no no. it is a mixed tape. sure, it's a mix of songs, but we're trying to describe the contents of the tape here- which have been mixed.

who says "mix tape"?

amy said...

it's true, and out of sheer tactlessness, i will go ahead and elaborate. it was a sex mix triumverate: before, during, and after. never got any use though, but it sure got some laughs (ours).

thems was the days.

i agree that the term is mix tape.