Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"You've Got to See It Before It Melts," Said Mrs. Klein. (Mrs. Klein Is My Parents' Next-Door Neighbor.)

Tomorrow I go to Alaska.


I have a goal to go to all fifty states before I'm thirty. Alaska will be state #46 (following which I'll have two years to hit four states before my birthday in December 2010: North Dakota, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky).

I'll be honest: I actually never thought I'd go to Alaska in my lifetime. Turns out, all you need to travel are time and money. I guess I grew up thinking that there would be more barriers to exotic locales than those. Checkpoints, papers, purposes, questionnaires, savvy, know-how.* A minimum threshold of glamor or good will, at least.

Nope. Alaska. If Sarah O. can do it, you can too.

I'll be back in a week, and I will tell you how it goes. And if I get a glimpse of the Palin brood.

Oh man. I'm so excited.

Woop woop!

P.S. If you have some extra time and are wanting some more media to consume, I'd like to recommend the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I've been watching it on I started with season one, episode one (to do it right), and I've got to say--the show deserved its fame. It's still charming. And she's still beautiful, fake eyelashes and all.

*Okay, I guess technically when traveling abroad there are checkpoints and papers. But I'm a low-hassle kind of girl, I'm realizing. Which deserves its own post. For now, I want to say this: checkpoints and papers are much less hassle than I expected. Maybe because, in my experience thus far, both checkpoints and papers were, at core, just issues of money and time. And, as a new law school graduate, I've got the latter and no meaningful way of appropriately valuing the former. I'm good to go.


kt said...

I plan to visit the Peachie Jones family in Paducah, Kentucky someday. You could always drop by. We could walk the dogwood trail (whatever that is) :)

Rebecca Smylie said...

Oh wow. Just caught up on your blog. Hadn't seen the last four posts. I remaine convinced that you are brilliant. The birthday post about your little sister. The furrowed brow. The hugs. ALASKA!!! I'm devastated that I didn't hug you better the other day. I'm not a good toucher. I'm sorry. I wanted to say sorry for that. And thank you--because I love reading everything you write and seeing you and you wrote a lot and I got to see you. Feel hugged, will you?

Elizabeth said...

I wish I was in Alaska with you. I'm sorry I can't be. I wish I was. I guess you're right, all you need is time and money, and unfortunately, I have neither right now. Though I am 4 days away from running away to Albany for 3.5 weeks, Baltimore for 1, and DC (to see you!) for 0.5. I'll be away from Austin for 5 weeks. That's ridiculous.

Stephanie said...

Time to move in with me.

amy said...

time and're right. that is precisely what is required for travel. cursit, i will never travel again!

nice how you can hit (what were they again?) Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas in one fell swooping car. And dont fail to achieve your goal on account of north hitch yerself onto a plane and go visit the world's largest buffalo and have a nice hearty breakfast at the fryn pan. i know, from fortunate experience, it will be a morning not soon to be forgotten...

also, if you go to tennessee, for the love of pete, dont miss graceland.

ok, that was my way of expressing abject jealousy. have fun in alaska!