Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's here!

My directorial debut is finally uploaded to the internet for (y)our viewing pleasure: http://vimeo.com/1185293.

It's called "Puppet Love" (and there are bloopers, too, linked on the same website). I directed this short film for my ward's film competition, and on Saturday, we beat out the competition (one other video) for the audience choice award. And we won best production, best actress, and best actor.

There is, of course, explanatory backstory to this little film and how it came to be, but for now, I have to run to school. I just wanted to post it because, I have to say, making it totally delighted me. It was a ward activity success. And it makes me maybe want to give up my chosen career thing and make movies instead (like most of the Hoggard-Olsons I know).



Rachel Elizabeth said...

sarah love,

that was TOTALLY and amazingly awesome. goodness. I watched it TWICE.

Laura said...

So, so wonderful. I think you are amazing, the film is amazing, and I sure do love you.

Headle said...

I watched it, LOVED it, showed it to Dan and watched then watched it again!!! You are SO TALENTED and that was HILARIOUS!!!

VERY FUNNY!!! I love you cutie pie!!