Sunday, June 08, 2008

P.P.S. Yes. No. Sort of.

Here's the scoop: 12:12.

The last time I looked at my phone after I'd prayed, scriptured, and turned out the light, it was 12:12 am. Not quite midnight, but close, very close.

Waking up was easy. Church was awesome. I wasn't even tempted to fall asleep. This is a good thing.

One note, however: Remember how my concerns about early sleeping revolved around missing out, because I have these nocturnally optimistic tendencies that make me feel like if I were just to stay up later, something great might come my way like boys or lovin' or cookies?

When I woke up this morning, I had a text. It said this: "Bob's?" It was, of course, a late-night invitation, from boys, to drive to SF and get, really, honestly, the best donuts ever. An invitation I shouldn't have taken--and wouldn't, I have to say--but still. Still. That's some old-fashioned irony for you. With a warm and heavy sugar glaze.


tpmotd said...

Everything's better with a warm and heavy sugar glaze. Especially irony.

Headle said...

Good for you Sarah!! I just LOVE the way you move with initiative in your life. You just find something you want to improve and really go after it. You rock!! And twelve minutes is close enough!! :)

Mmmm...donuts sounds sooo good right now! :)

Rebecca said...

I just went through all of your lovely old posts. The line about Vegas--that was my favorite. You're brilliant Sarah.