Saturday, June 28, 2008

Melville Pie Days Come to a Close

And here's the pie I actually entered into today's competition. Or didn't, because we didn't get there in time for the judging, which was, reports say, done so haphazardly that one of the judges missed it too and the top three winning pies were all store bought.

It turns out I don't like baked cherries (I'm feeling glad I did a test-run yesterday), so today I went with an Apple pie:

Yup, Apple.

P.S. With all this pie-making, you may be wondering how my bar studying is going. My bishop was wondering, too. Today at the barbecue/pie competition:
Bishop: How's your studying going?
Sarah: It's not.
Bishop: Repent.
So, I'm going to stop making pies (except maybe one more Monica's raspberry--for dinner tomorrow) and excuses and repent.

Coming up: Bar/Bri Days at Melville.


Juliemom said...

Dear Sarah, Rachel held my hand so I could finally get to where I could comment on your spectacular pie creations. They look great. We always have to listen to our bishops. Have a really great day, we are looking forward to seeing you. When will you come to NY? Love, Mom

Rachel Elizabeth said...

lovely sarah,

as seen above, we love you. How do you create color and light in your pies?

i love mom and olsons,

drfindley said...

This is the best Apple Pie EVER!


Sarah Louise said...

Rachel: I made the colored decorations by adding food coloring to the excess crust I had. Then I rolled it out and cut it with a knife. For both the Apple and the dragonfly pie, I looked at a picture of the thing I was making. I even printed out the Apple logo and used it as a tracer. And that is how I create color and light in my pies. Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie, even, even. Good.

Mom: I will come back sometime around July 27thish. Tickets to be purchased soon.