Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Palo Alto Weather

On Sunday, I googled the weather for this week in Palo Alto. This is what I got:

I figure this can be explained by the following: Palo Alto weather is so paradisiacally consistent that either (1) this is the away message the weatherpeople picked while they were on vacation for a week or two, figuring no one would really notice, or (2) they, the weatherpeople, just aren't trying anymore. Palo Alto wasn't using their meteorological skills anyway. They didn't go to weatherperson school all those years to throw their gifts away on a measly temperate climate like that of the mid-to-lower Bay Area peninsula. Heck. Mama always told them not to cast their pearls before swine.

Their meteorological capabilities: pearls.
Palo Alto's consistently beautiful climate: swine.

I'm mocking, but I hadn't considered. Meteorology. Not a booming industry in paradise.

Note: Despite the vaguely smoky haze, it has been lovely for at least the last two days. High 74, low 54. No doubt.

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Rebecca said...

I love everything you write. I've been off blogs for a week and I come to yours and so much to see and hear. I decided it was too much goodness at once and will come back and only read one post a day. My comment on this post: I wish the weather here were like the weather there. But then even more people would live here, and [good goo] we have enough.