Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm heading into it. Today is the first day of my last two weeks of bar study, and I've started praying for tunnel vision.

But you have to know, I will be heading off to library-holedom with at least one-non-bar thought on my mind:

I guess I should have expected Anika & Evan to have cute children--as Grandpa Hoggard says, it's in the genes--but really, they've outdone themselves.

May I approach the bar with the martial determination of Andrew and Isaac and the regal equanimity of Elin. Amen.

Note: As per the bar, I would appreciate your prayers. I've not practiced memorizing since high school French (except that one semester of college French, where my TA told me, "You're just not an A student," when I remarked on the absurdity of having 1000 words to memorize for a weekly 25-question test), so the law--the bar--this thing--it's a challenge for me. A high bar, if you will.

I hope you will.

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Christina & Ryan said...

I'll keep you in my prayers, Sarah. Even though I bet you could pass without studying. However, don't let BYU language classes discourage you. They are ridiculous! I have stories. If I attended another University I would have gotten my Spanish minor.