Saturday, July 05, 2008


Okay, a LOT has happened. I must catch you up.

1. Some of my roommates and I just watched North & South, a BBC mini-series (four hours, four episodes) based upon a Victorian-era novel of the same name. It's like Pride and Prejudice without the wit and with labor unions. Pretty darn satisfying all the same (despite its serious cinematic unevenness and obvious editing-for-time). Mr. Thornton. He worked for us. (And I'm reading it online, thanks to Google books. Mr. Thornton. He works for me.)

2. I am trying to live by a new rule: I don't listen to what I call "popular music" (non-religious, non-classical music, the kind I don't listen to on Sunday) until I've read my scriptures for the day. This is to encourage me prioritizing things that are important (studying the word of God and His prophets) over things that, though delightful, can distract me from better things (Feist, Joni Mitchell, Canoe, the soundtrack to Dan in Real Life, etc., etc., etc.). It's going pretty well. I'm just putting it out there.

3. Reija made a pie. Another pie. And it was the most beautiful pie I've ever, ever seen in real life. MH took a picture of it, thank goodness, and maybe I can get it on here one of these days. Apple pie, in honor of her father's birthday (it's his favorite pie and a yearly classic) and in honor of America (as American as...). She made it on the Fourth of July, you see. The birthday of her father and the U.S., as it turns out.

And that's my story. Other than that and a Fourth of July post that deserves to be written and commemorated, I'm doing well. I'm on social lockdown so I can study for the bar ("hearsay evidence is an out-of-court statement introduced to prove the substance of the matter asserted; as a general rule, it is impermissible" and the like), which means both that I don't get to do things that I want to (e.g. laze about all day and watch every good movie under the sun) and that I don't have to do things that I don't want to (e.g. go to the singles wards' Fourth of July barbecue). The single-mindedness of it is kind of lovely. And I get to study on a blanket in the prettyish sort of wilderness that is our yard. Or in my bed. Not too shabby, this learning stuff. Though I am hoping that heaven answers my persistent prayers for a "sticky brain." Memorizing. Trick-y.

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skyav said...

More than a little late for a post for the 4th, but lateness in this case a little fitting in light of the post-dating mentioned in the piece linked below. And your higher priorities reason enough to put off reading this, or the piece linked, for another while yet, anyway.

Said piece a well-done essay (?) revolving around a significant but less-than-well-know facet of the 4th of 1776; the printing of the the broadsides of the newly-declared Declaration of Independence.

Well done enough that after seeing your post just now, I'm letting you know, hoping you enjoy it whenever you get around to taking a look.

Said piece in the uncluttered print version is here.