Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tonight, I came home to this:

Soon I will leave California and fly home, to study, see family, and face my destiny with the New York bar exam. I will travel around the country a bit (to Utah with the family for one day, then to NY with Reija for two days, then to Atlanta for a wedding and Nate & co. for two and a half days) and then I will come back again. For one week.

But tonight, one of my last nights in anything resembling the sort of regular life I know, I came home to the love of my friends: handwritten notes of test-taking encouragement, taped around my bed, written on little flyers I designed for a recruiting event I held at BYU last year (two years ago?) that someone must have drudged up or kept and recopied, pulling them out to show me love in a moment like this.

Tonight, I came home to this. And soon, this is what I will leave.

But I'm taking this with me:


Rachel Elizabeth said...


I decidely love you. I think your roommates are awesome. I've been reading "Anne of Green Gables," and I just finished "Anne of Ingleside." I'd never really realized that Patty's Place was Melville until I knew what Patty's Place was. Your house is beautiful.


Jane said...

flyers that were recopied? Only originals for you, Sarah. Our love is real, we don't do cheap counterfeits :)

The love of your friends is with you wherever you go.

Melissa said...

You appear to be well loved and deservedly so. Good luck on the bar, Sarah.

Marissa said...

I am so happy I will be seeing you this Sunday! woot! or at least I was told I would get to see you this Sunday. I am crossing my fingers.