Saturday, July 26, 2008

Social Lockdown

I'm still on social lockdown so as to finish off my studying for the bar (T-3 days), but being on social lockdown at home is a lot like being at a family reunion.

(There were seven of us asleep in one room last night--the room with the AC--and twelve in the house total, even with my dad out of town. Par-ty.)

Note: These pictures were taken while we were updating my mom's new profile on facebook.

And studying.

Of course.

ADDENDUM (added ten minutes after this post's first posting)

My nephew Andrew just walked into the common bedroom to deliver some flowers that my nephew Isaac chose for me while he and his mom were at Trader Joe's today buying us all some good snacks.

He told me he chose this particular bouquet because the little pink flowers looked like the earrings I'm wearing today. Who knew he even noticed them?

I love this family so much.

Also: I just heard the front door open. Dad's home from Scotland. Plus one for the party. Studying my foot.

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Headle said...

Sorry I've been MIA lately, its been crazy! Oh my word! Girl, you are GORGEOUS! I LOVE all these picture of you! And what a BRAINIAC you are! Way to hit the books! :D

I'm praying for you!! I really am. You are going to ROCK this test!